In The Haunted: Hells Reach, there are various types of Stones which appear throughout the course of the game. They appear as a large hovering rock with symbols engraved in it that glows in any of three colors, depending on the type of Stone it is. Players should usually break the Stone for beneficial effects which can drastically alter the difficulty of the current game. If a Stone is left unattended for a few seconds, a Minion will steal it, at which point you will have to chase and kill it to obtain the Stone's effect. They can be destroyed by any given means, including firearms, hand-to-hand attacks, melee weapons, Explosives and even Minion Missiles. When a Stone is in the level, an augmented reality icon will show the player where they are.



A disaster inducing Chronostone.

The blue Chronostone is unique in that it does not grant any beneficial effects when destroyed. Instead, it acts as a sort of ticking time bomb which, if not destroyed on time, will unleash a level-specific Environmental Effect. These can be anything from simple visual disturbances, to much more dangerous types of hazards which can hurt the player severely.



A life saving health stone.

The green Healthstones only appear in solo or two player games. They heal the player to full health in singleplayer or by 100 health when there are two players. Only the player who breaks the stone will recieve the health.



A picture of the team saving soul stone.

When a player dies in a multiplayer game (except in a Demonizer game or the Abaddon level), their soul is placed in a red Soulstone. Upon breaking it, another player can resurrect them with full health and all weapon upgrades still intact.

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