A Minion Missile is a minion being forcibly launched through the air, it is capable of killing any minion it hits and the projectile enemy will always die. The range of the missile is about twenty meters, whereat the projectile minion will explode into gibs even without colloding with anything.

There are currently two ways to create a Minion Missile:

1. An uncharged Jumpkick (Jump + Melee early) against a stunned minion that is standing.

2. A charged Thrustkick (Melee while sprinting) against an unstunned minion.

All minions except Bruisers and Flying Warlocks can act as Minion Missiles, as the two will die instantly instead of being launched.

A Minion Missile rewards the player with 300 points if the projectile minion kills an enemy and none if it does not.

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