This is a list of official maps of The Haunted: Hells Reach. Includes some strategies and special weapon locations.

Forsaken Canyon Edit

2011-10-28 00001
Due to the fact it's the first map in order, it's usually the most played one as well, and thus generally considered "the boring standard map".

The map layout can be quite interesting however, as the map contains everything: wide areas (for example the road section), enclosed CQC areas (especially the garage on the (in picture) left end of the road), and a good amount of high ledges and ladders.

The RPG is located to the SouthEast of the map (assuming the picture of the map in the selection is looking towards NorthWest), on top of the small roof covering the walled-in gas station. It's possible, but extremely challenging, to reach it, by first climbing onto the rocks, then jumping onto the fence surrounding the gas station. After climbing to the highest spot of the fence, it's possible to jump over to the roof with the RPG.

The special weather event of this map is a thunderstorm. Upon rising it will obstruct the sight of players to some degree. As well, randomly thunderbolts will hit the ground. Players struck by one of these bolts will receive damage and become stunned.


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Lost TempleEdit

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Steel TownEdit

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Abandoned MineEdit

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Night FrontierEdit

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TH-BossLevel Edit

2011-10-30 00005

Also known as hell. The only map in the game that can't be chosen at the start. In this map you must defeat Abaddon.

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