One of the many explosives you can pick up and use on any level.

In the eight maps of The Haunted: Hells Reach, there are various small crates laying around which contain a random type of explosives. These can be picked up with the Action key (default: 'F'), and then used with the Explosives key (default: 'G'). Explosives have limited uses and you cannot pick up another crate unless you use the ones you have first. They can often be used in tight situations or to kill a huge crowd of Minions in one blood filled explosion. Some types can also be used to set traps like the Dynamite, Impulse Mines and Sticky Bombs.

Dynamite Edit

Once thrown, it will not explode until you press the explosives key again to use the detonator. You cannot set off Dynamite while in mid-air or mid roll. It does quite a high amount of damage and will kill most Minions within its blast radius. Each crate contains two bundles of dynamite.

Alchemist BombsEdit

An alchemist bomb is actually a glass bottle sealed tight with a cork that contains an odd concoction. When thrown, it will create a vaccuum zone which sucks all enemies within and literally reduces them to minced meat. It detonates upon contact with anything, be it the ground or a Minion, so be sure you aren't too close to the impact area as the explosion is quite powerful. Each crate contains two of these.

Cluster BombsEdit

When thrown, a cluster bomb will break up into several smaller grenades, called clusters. It is great for bombarding small groups of enemies or tougher Minions. It detonates on contact (so don't throw it too close) or after a second or so. If thrown upwards, it will explode midair, causing a wide rain of cluster explosives to cover a wide area. Each crate contains two cluster bombs.

Shrapnel GrenadesEdit

These are basically standard hand grenades. When thrown, they will explode on impact but do quite a bit of damage. They are excellent to use the explosive barrel roll maneuver (launching/throwing explosives next to you, then dodging the explosion with a roll). Each crate contains four of these.

Sticky BombsEdit

Sticky bombs

These are a more useful type of explosives. They will stick to any surface you throw them at, and will only detonate if there are Minions near it. If thrown at a Minion however, you will often have to shoot the bomb with a gun as it won't always detonate by itself. Because of the radius based detonation, it can often be used for mines. Each crate contains four sticky bombs.

Impulse MinesEdit

Once a thrown Impulse Mine detects a nearby enemy, it will emit multiple rather large and powerful explosions before expiring. Dropping one while running from a pursuing horde will kill anything chasing you for the next few seconds. Like the sticky bombs, these will only detonate if there are Minions near it. Each crate contains 2 Mines.

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