In addition to killing the minions of hell in The Haunted: Hells Reach, many various environmental effects also occur during the maps you play.

To avoid an environmental effect, a player must destroy a Chronostone. Effects that do damage can also kill minions, as well.


Flies is the environmental effect of Night Frontier. Large groups of flies will roam the map, damaging any players caught in their path.

Meteor ShowerEdit


Meteor Shower is the environmental effect of the Lost Temple map. Meteors will rain from the sky, dealing direct damage and setting fire to anything they hit.

Collapse Edit

Collapse is the Environmental Effect of the Abandoned Mine map. The mine itself starts to collapse, dropping heavy boulders from the ceiling. The boulders deal high damage but can be completely avoided by remaining outside the mine during the entire event. The screen will also have a more red color.

Fog Edit


Fog is the Environmental Effect of the Stronghold. The map will have a thick fog that severely hinders visiblity, allowing enemy minions to close the distance unnoticed.

Lightning Storm Edit

The Lightning Storm is the Environmental Effect of the Forsaken Canyon map.

Upon triggering, the whole light level will drop, as well clouds will form on the sky. After a short windup period, thunderbolts will start to strike at random locations of the map. These bolts can hurt both, human players and their enemies, causing mediocre damage and stun effects.

Given the low chance to be a hit by a thunderbolt, and "only" receiving damage and a short stun if hit, players can safely discard a Lightning Storm event as a ignorable nuisance and do not need to take special defensive actions.

Hurricanes Edit

Hurricanes is the Environmental Effect of the Excavation map. Hurricanes will appear randomly and deal small, continuous damage to whoever or whatever is standing near them. The hurricanes will also slowly cause enemies to become enraged.

Acid Rain Edit


Acid Rain is the Environmental Effect of the Steel Mill map.

The sky and the whole ambient lighting will turn greenish and near instantly all outside areas will be hit by green rain. Any players being outside for a few seconds will start to take periodical damage and emit a poison-dust effect.

Since the effect will be applied to all people outside and deal considerable damage over time, it's highly suggested to seek shelter within one of the many buildings for the time the event stays in effect. It's possible to sprint from cover to cover without taking serious damage, but shouldn't be done unless to grab something or to switch to a better defense location.

Fire EruptionsEdit

2011-11-05 00008

Pillars of fire on Museum

Fire Eruptions are the Environmental Effect of the Museum map.

Spirals of fire will erupt from the ground. Small rings will appear on the ground for a second or two before fire shoots out of them. Be sure to dodge accordingly when running around.

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