The Haunted: Hells Reach currently has 28 Steam achievements.

List of achievements Edit

Youre not alexander

You're not AlexanderEdit

Get killed by a Wendigo.

Falcon punch

Falcon PunchEdit

Perform a charge melee kill.

Push button receive bacon

Push Button, Receive BaconEdit

Perform an execution.

2 for the price of 1

2 for the Price of 1Edit

Kill two minions with a Charge Thrustkick.

Ccc combo


Reach a Kill-Chain combo of 25.

Ccc combo breaker

C-C-C-Combo BreakerEdit

Reach a Kill-Chain combo of 50.

Double d combo breaker

Double-D Combo BreakerEdit

Reach a Kill-Chain combo of 100.

Its a trap

It's a trapEdit

Get killed while stunned (Bruisers do this well).

Mikamis head

Mikami's HeadEdit

Get your head cut off by Headsman.

Monster moshpit

Monster MoshpitEdit

Kill 10 minions with one grenade.

Doom over dead men

Doom Over Dead MenEdit

Kill every minion and its variants once (Raged and Defensed). You can get this one over time and doesn't have to be achieved in a single encounter or game.

I have the power

I have the PowerEdit

Kill 3 minions when entering Rage mode (charging your melee attack with 'E' beforehand can increase the power of the outburst).

True grit

True GritEdit

In Solo mode, finish an Inferno level without using a Healthstone.

Black belt

Black BeltEdit

Perform every move and three types of executions (enemy standing, lying on ground and on their knees) in one wave.

Good times with weapons

Good Times With WeaponsEdit

Finish an Inferno level using guns only.

Way of the dragon

Way of the DragonEdit

Finish an Inferno level using melee attacks only.

Hell destroyer

Hell DestroyerEdit

Kill 53598 minions.

Balls to the wall

Balls to the WallEdit

Beat an Inferno level without taking damage.

Stunning performance

Stunning PerformanceEdit

Kill a minion with a stun breaker.

The devil you know

The Devil You KnowEdit

Complete all Inferno levels.

Salvaged canyon

Salvaged CanyonEdit

Beat Canyon on easy or higher.

Salvaged stronghold

Salvaged StrongholdEdit

Beat Stronghold on easy or higher.

Salvaged lost temple

Salvaged Lost TempleEdit

Beat Lost Temple on easy or higher.

Salvaged excavation

Salvaged ExcavationEdit

Beat Excavation on easy or higher.

Salvaged steel town

Salvaged Steel TownEdit

Beat Steel Town on easy or higher.

Salvaged abandoned mine

Salvaged Abandoned MineEdit

Beat Abandoned Mine on easy or higher.

Salvaged museum

Salvaged MuseumEdit

Beat Museum on easy or higher.

Salvaged night frontier

Salvaged Night FrontierEdit

Beat Night Frontier on easy or higher.

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